ReWArt, the name that was not there

The W for Wine is the beating heart of the ReWArt® line. It describes the company’s orientation towards international markets and puts at the center of the name the initial of the fascinating nectar which represents the goal, the result and the synthesis of our work and of our passion.

The Re of ReWArt® is inspired by the past, history, the recovery of traditions and the dear Rewind button of old recorders, so useful to rewind the track. Just what we did before we pushed into the future of wine: we rewound the track of the history of our wines, we went back to the roots, to nature, to the uncontaminated soils and to the pure air of the past.

The word Art refers to the artistic, innovative and unconventional spirit which guided the artful act of creating the new packaging. A packaging that wants to mark discontinuity and distance from common bottles to reveal the choice to communicate wine in a fresh and young way disconnected from the ritual which too often weighs down the sharing moments of wine.

Overall, the word ReWArt® is absolutely original and is a proudly Made in Spinato creation, as well as Made in Italy, of course! A new word to give name to a young and fresh line which tells a new way of thinking and living wine. Thanks to ReWArt®, wine is dressed in nature, tinged with harmony, discovered in company and lived in joy! ReWArt® is the name of the wine that was not there!