Born to be organic

Anna began this way, guided by the farming culture and tradition, in an ancestral world that was working in harmony and in symbiosis with nature: a lifestyle which has been forgotten by many but is returning to the limelight driven by the powerful growth of organic wines. But Anna’s organic choice is not a simple response to the market demands: for her, the organic project is a return to the origins, a precise desire to recover never forgotten traditions, images and values, ever since dad Pietro passed down to her the passion for vines.

The intuition of Roberto, Anna’s son, was simple but decisive and his thought is clear: “…it is right to offer organic wines, which are also good, engaging, healthy for the environment and for the consumers but the bottles containing these wines must be immediately recognizable and distinct from the others. The product we offer is not the content of the bottle but the bottle with the content.

Thus was born the ReWArt® line, a brand new word that identifies four different organic bottles, completely dressed in a joyful, painted and coloured way but also capable of protecting the content and communicating well-being, happiness, the joy of life and the pleasure of staying together.

ReWArt®  is a sparkling tribute to those who are young in their heads and hearts, who are seeking the taste of well-being, who love matching flavour with colour, who want to go back to the uncontaminated nature but are attracted by the charm of innovation. ReWArt® is much more than a new line of wines because it proposes a new way of understanding, living and drinking sparkling wine: ReWArt® bubbles tell stories of Prosecco, Rosé, Moscato and Cuvée, wear ancient perfumes but speak with a new voice to remind that opening a bottle of sparkling wine means opening up to health, joy, the pleasure of staying together, to the party, to friendship.